I’m on my road to recovery after a nasty day of regurgitation, gastro-intestical going ons, fever, and a lot of sweating. Laura stayed home and took care of me which was more than nice since there’s nothing quite as miserable as being sick all by oneself. So today’s post is simply what I posted a couple days ago on MTYBlogs (you can read another Monterrey English Roundup here):

This week there is no denying that the item most talked about is Chica Regia’s chances of winning Miss Bloguita 2005. Her latest update reads:

It looks like there’s only one title which I could win and that is “Miss Popular.” Right now I’m in second place, but I could easily fall back to fourth is I don’t get some votes. So far, I’m 13 votes behind first place.

Rolando of course gives her his full support and tries to rally the troops. Rolando also forsees the end of white people. Looks like I’m a dying breed.

Or so hopes Seyd who this week proclaims his disdain for Gringos.

Ultrarelax also has Chica Regia’s back as well as a very descriptive account of the poorly managed Three Two Tenors concert at Parque Fundidora two weekends ago. The post says it will be continued later, but all in all, it seems like Mari’s experience was better than that of many attendees who arrived to find their seats filled by others. From what I understand, there is a law suit pending against the young, rookie organizer of the event.

This just in. Not only is Chica Regia scoring tons of love in Miss Bloguita, but as Hipocratico announced last week was her 25th. Happy Birthday Candy! I’m about to turn a quarter century myself and the back pains are already creeping in.

Last night, I was sitting in a cafe in San Pedro with my girlfriend when a young woman walked up to us and asked me if I was single. It seemed like an odd inquiry and her explanation that she was looking for 13 single men to give her a peso didn’t help. But Hipocratico’s latest post does:

For San Antonio de Padua to give cause to the wishes of the bachelorette, according to tradition, she must obtain 13 coins of the same nomination to offer to the saint.

goleech points to El Universal which today announced that three out of five federal judges ruled in favor of letting ex-President Luis Echeverría and his former Secretary of Government, Mario Moya, stand trial for the federal crime of genocide with respect to the Corpus Christi Massacre of 1971 which took place in Mexico City, but was intimately related to a student movement here in Monterrey.

While Moises remains content with his Hipster PDA, Angel Garcia announces that tomorrow (the third Thursday of every month) will be the Palm OS Users meetup here in Monterrey.

Place: Sanborns Galerias Valle Oriente.
Time: 8.00pm hasta como las 11.00 aprox.
What to Bring: Your palms, your accesories, your experiences and everything related to PALM.

Speaking of Moises, he just recently finished Malcom Gladwell’s Blink and thorougly recommends it.

Finally, Luiz, who of course also throws in his opinion about the Miss Bloguita Contest, is the first blogger in Monterrey I’ve seen become excited about podcasting. He gives an excellent introduction to podcasting in Spanish.

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