The September issue of Harper’s just came out. Here are seven fine cut lines of Harper’s Index:

  • Increase in the total value of U.S. residential property since 2000, expressed as a percentage of GDP: 60
  • Increase in the value of all U.S. stocks between 1995 and 2000, as a percentage of GDP: 59
  • Chances that a U.S. job created since 2001 has been in a housing-related field: 2 in 5
  • Number of consecutive years that the value of housing in Japan has dropped since its housing bubble burst: 13
  • Number of chickens trained by European scientists to choose between photos of human faces by pecking: 6

  • anal bleaching
    Chances that college students select as “most desirable” the same face chosen by the chickens: 49 in 50
  • Average number of $75 anal bleachings that an L.A.-area salon performs each day: 5
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