Five things from 15 19 Global Voices authors. They’re amazing, get to know them.

– “My first cultural shock going back to Dhaka was that I got
bullied by my friends for using tissues to clean my nose. Pocket tissue
culture became popular later in Bangladesh.”
– “Starting this year, I set it out to do more
with photography. I want to master my ancient film camera, Nikon F75.
To tell you the truth, even my younger brother is more skillful than me
when it comes to taking great pictures.”
– “I honestly think it’s a sin
To expect that people be thin
With goodies galore
Staying slim is a chore
So let’s junk those diets in the bin!”
– “Art class was always my favorite thing
in school. I used to be pretty good at drawing, and especially loved
doing faces. I stopped drawing sometime in high school. Maybe some
day.. when I actually have free time….”
– “When I was going to college at the
University of Dar Es Salaam, Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania, I had a sticker
on my door, which said: the future president. It was not a joke. I plan
on becoming the first dreadlocked president in the world.”
– “I’d be very happy as a 1950s
New England housewife. My hero growing up was my maternal grandmother,
who was an absolute dynamo, working full-time into her 60s as well as
mothering and grandmothering a brood of children.”
– “I learnt my 2 multiplication table
thanks to a complex system my mother invented to help me survive
bullying. My mother taught me that for every slap I got, I was to give
two back. Therefore, for two slaps, I had to give 4 back, and so forth.
This is how I mastered the multiplication table for 2.”
– “While in grad school I had a favorite
hobby – reading people’s palms (this was in keeping with the
exotic theme that I was from India and rode on elephants. What was
astounding was that one of my grad teachers wanted to know how come I
was fluent in English?). I read up a couple of books on palmistry and
fudged the rest or as I like to say, “Made an educated
– “I hate driving. Very much. In fact, if I
had my druthers I’d be perfectly happy to be chauffeured
around for the rest of my life. This doesn’t really fit in
with my control-freak personality. Perhaps it’s because
driving doesn’t inspire a sense of control in me like it does
for most people.”
– “I was an Altar Boy in our community for
seven years. I was a very religious kid. I read the bible, I prayed the
rosary, I went to church everyday after school. I enjoyed the Friday
mass in Quiapo and Wednesday mass in Baclaran. I was a bible quiz
champion. By the way, I was named after a Saint.”
– “I once won the award for Best Actor in a secondary school
historical stage drama, based on the true story involving the forced
cession of Labuan (back then a part of Brunei) to the British when the
current Sultan of Brunei was under pressure from the British armed navy
surrounding the Brunei waters, threatening to attack. Note that I won
Best Actor, not actress.”
– “I chew on my nails. It’s not
because I’m nervous or anything rational,, but it remains
incomprehensible. It’s not the force of custom or the
imitation of familiar conduct. It’s more like excitement or
extra time. Still, it keeps me neat and tidy.”
– “In my brief life, I have been a Baptist, a
Roman Catholic, a Scientologist and almost a Jew, a Mormon, and a
Seventh Day Adventist.  I missed the Buddhist/Hindu phase
(that was in the seventies).  I think I might have been
Pentecostal in utero…”
– “My favourite constellation is Orion.
Anywhere in the world, if I can spot him in the sky above, I feel a
little more at home … I have often contemplated getting a tiny tattoo
of Orion, a pattern of minute inked stars on my inner left forearm,
just below my elbow; only my absolute intolerance of physical pain has
stopped me.”
– “I asked my father to post a letter I had
written to Jim’ll Fix It asking to be taken round the Batman
suit factory. Jim never fixed it for me, and to this day, I suspect
that my father never posted the letter.”
photoSami Ben Gharbia – “In early 1998, I was arrested and interrogated by the State Security about my activities and travels. When I realized that this was just the beginning of a cycle of harassment and persecutions – since I was summoned to appear before the Interior Ministry – I fled Tunisia to Libya, and then to Africa and the Middle-East and finally to The Netherlands where I’ve applied for asylum.”
photoJacky Peng – “I feel my parents’ experiences are interesting. They grew up in Indonesia. When the first anti-Chinese wave struck Indonesia in 1960’s, they decided to move back China, to serve their motherland, leaving many other relatives and friends behind. It was relatives and friends who help me come to Singapore.” photoRachel Rawlins – “I once made love to a spy in his office in his country’s embassy beneath the presidential portrait, was locked in overnight so his servants wouldn’t tell his absent wife of his infidelity on her return from a trip abroad and spent several interesting hours going through the contents of his desk by torch-light.”
photoJohn Kennedy – “When I was nine I lied in court and sent some people to prison for a very long time. I then ran away from home and haven’t stopped running since.”