It doesn’t seem like too long ago that Hipocratico, Moi, Candy, Rolando, and I were all sitting around drinking beers and sharing stories in Monterrey. But now, looking back at the picture, we all look a few years younger than nowadays. I’m sure that Monterrey has changed a lot since I was last there. I remember driving across the whole city in search of internet access … it’s hard for me to believe that the city center is now covered in free municipal wi-fi.

Anyway, those four Regio bloggers all recently participated in a meme for Día del Niño titled “because bloggers were once children” where they posted photos of themselves as youngsters. They’re pretty adorable pics: Rolando planting a kiss on his lil’ sister, Hipocratico with red sneakers and a basketball, Supermoi, and Chiquita Regia. Never one to wait to be tagged, now it’s my turn.


The freckles were just working their way in at that point (a freckle for each kiss of an angel I’m told). I’m assuming my single-mom-at-the-time was responsible for both the bowl cut and the effeminate gesture. But it’s a trip to look back at the photo and recognize aspects of who I am today in the body and expression of a little 4-year-old.

This weekend Mari and I had dinner at a friend’s house. Two years ago they adopted a baby boy from Michoacán. He turned three over the weekend, but just a few minutes with him and you can already see what he’ll be like as a thirty-year-old. I was once again reminded of the age-old nature versus nurture question. Is there a difference between disposition and personality?

I look at my sister now – almost 18 years after we took her home from the hospital in Columbus, Ohio – and she’s grown up exactly as I thought she would. Is that always the case? Looking back at that four-year-old kid up there, how different could I possibly have become?

I won’t call anyone out, but if you take part in the meme, please leave a comment or trackback linking to your post.

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