A few weeks ago a very friendly Martina Recchiuti wrote me an email asking if I’d mind if the Italian magazine, Internazionale translated and published my blog post about traffic in the developing world. Mind? I was honored of course.

Picture 2.png

You can find the resulting blog post here. They have also translated recent posts by friends and acquaintances like danah boyd, Ethan Zuckerman, and Evgeny Morozov.

Which begs the obvious question, if an Italian magazine is able to so easily translate and publish blog posts from abroad, then why can’t US media outlets do the same? Why doesn’t the San Francisco Chronicle or LA Times do this? These papers have staffs of hundreds and they can’t ask one person to spend half an afternoon translating an interesting blog post from another country? They could even just copy and paste from Global Voices.

(After doing a search on Internazionale, I see they translated a previous blog post of mine on Language and the Internet.)

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