Itzpapalotl continues to be one of my favorite bloggers. I love her life vignettes. Today’s sorta took the words right out of my brain-fluff:

A nosotros la tierra nos expulsa, cada ciudad es como un trampolín desbalanceado. Vivimos al portal de la semana próxima, con amigos tenues y lugares hermosos, bañados de la luz benéfica de lo temporal. Somos nostálgicos permanentes de otra cosa, muy indefinida, que en el fondo nos aterroriza. Evitamos la pregunta en las muy frecuentes ocasiones en que nos entrevistamos a nosotros mismos. El lugar más seguro en el mundo son los diez mil pies de altura a los que se pueden volver a utilizar los aparatos electrónicos. Cambiamos de locación, vestuario, música y maquillaje porque nos da miedo ver el material de archivo y descubrir que hace años somos particularmente los mismos.

We are expelled by the land; each city like an unbalanced springboard. We live at the doorway of the next week with tenuous friends and beautiful places bathed in the charitable light of transience. We are permanent nostalgics of some other thing, completely undefined, which at the core terrorizes us. We avoid the question on those frequent occasions when we interview ourselves. The safest place in the world is 10,000 feet above land, at which point we can return to using our electronic devices. We change location, fashion, music, and make-up because we are afraid of seeing the archives and discovering that, for some time now, we are essentially the same person.

I just came back from a year of charitable light to find myself in a week of not-so-charitable Bay Area gloom. Itzpapalotl is about to take off on her own impressive itinerary.

Here’s to recognition.

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