Call me crazy but I’m just not interested in reading testimony by children in which they graphically describe being molested… nor am I interested in watching the live re-enactment on the E! channel. Strange. I guess I’ve got a lot of growing to do.

Has anyone confirmed that Syria was behind former Lebanese Prime Minister Hariri’s assasination? As far as I know no one has claimed responsibility for the assasination. Now humor me for a second…

Does anyone rememeber that article written by Seymour Hirsch for The New Yorker in which he reports receiving information from “credible sources” about covert US operations in the Middle East. According to Hirsch ( or rather, according to my memory from reading the article in January) there are US covert agents in the Middle East fulfilling objectives that meet “interests” of the United States. The objectives of these agents are not known to the CIA or FBI, nor is there presence even known. To poorly sum up, the future Bush Wars are to be conducted via such covert operations as opposed to the old-fashioned method of bombing civilians in broad daylight from thousands of miles away. The Bush Administration learned a lesson from going into war despite international protest: its a pain in the ass. No one wants to hear the mother of some soldier whining on the local news about how her son was killed in Iraq…thats a buzzkill. A better way is to have the work done by spies of American and Arab descent, with less military casualties and, more importantly, less bad press. By manipulating public sentiment in these volatile areas, more can be achieved than with a big spectacle involving invasion and occupation. Surely American intelligance was able to conclude that just the simple assasination of one individual could trigger a nationwide protest and move the country towards “democracy”, aka “American interests”.

Which brings me to my first point. Well, not the part about Michael Jackson’s penis, but I guess my second point: Syria. No one has claimed responsibility for this assasination in Lebanon, but fingers (including the withered and limp finger of Uncle Sam) are pointed straight at Syria. “Syria needs to get out of Lebanon! Syria has gone too far this time! Lebanon wants Democracy, not Occupation!” Right. So what has been the outcome of this assasination of the former Lebanese Prime Minister? Syria is withdrawing its troops. Is Syria considered an “Enemy” of America” or a “Harborer of terrorists?” It sure is. So look at that, a victory for America, and America didn’t even have to intervene….or did we? It’s like Lennon said: The responsible party is the one that benefits from the action. Its just like Risk; slowly take away your enemy’s territory until they’re left powerless.

“The world is speaking with one voice when it comes to making sure that democracy has a chance to flourish in Lebanon and throughout the greater Middle East,” he said. “Freedom is on the march. It’s a profound period of time.
“So I look forward to continuing to work with friends and allies to advance freedom — not America’s freedom, but universal freedom, freedom granted by a Higher Being,” he added.”

thats an actual Bush quote (in case the obligatory religious rhetoric wasn’t enough of an indication). Now change the word “Lebanon” to “Iraq” and you’ve got a perfectly good answer from a 2004 news conference. its that easy!!

Anyway, to summarize for those of you who only read the last paragraph of my posts, I believe that there might be more to this assassination in Lebanon. Now that I have stated this theory, expect this to be my last post as I will most likely be found dead in an alley within the next few days. the press will blame drugs and depression, but you my dear reader will know who really was to blame…..Syria!!