I’ve been a bad blogger and badder blogger picker upper, but most my online time lately has been wrapped up in becoming the ultimate, baddest-assest, Latin American media eating machine. And my friends, I be gettin phat.

My good man Hipocratico asked me last week what I think about “Memingate.” I think (just like supreme court justices, london terrorist attacks, and whoever’s singing for the po poeple in Africa) I don’t give a shit about Memingate. It means absolutely nothing to me. I think it’s a bunch of estupidez.

With that said, I spent a good chunk of this afternoon hammering out this post on what other people think about it. And apparently they think a lot. At least in the process I stumbled upon this:

memin pinguin

That’s pretty funny. The design of this weblog is seriously wack. I have no idea what has happened. But a redesign is around the corner.

Anyway, I promise to visit with my filthy comments soon. And the series about baseball will continue tomorrow. I hope you’re not reading this sober on a Friday night.

And if you’re reading it drunk, doesn’t a bowl of cereal sound good?