Well, I obviously put this one up in a hurry this afternoon. Now the Breen comic is below, I linked to HP’s post on Racial Tensions in LA, and I just copied and pasted the election results below. Looks like it’s gonna be a runoff election between Donna Frye and Jerry Sanders. Probably the two most qualified candidates.

 713 of 721 precincts – 98.9 percent
 DONNA FRYE 103925 43.28% 
 JERRY SANDERS 64896 27.02% 
 STEVE FRANCIS 56485 23.52% 
 PAT SHEA 5690 2.37% 
 RICHARD RIDER 3733 1.55% 
 MYKE SHELBY 3506 1.46% 
 SHAWN A. MC MILLAN 559 0.23% 
 JIM BELL 469 0.20% 
 ED KOLKER 413 0.17% 
 JEREMY LEDFORD 376 0.16% 
 THOMAS KNAPP 98 0.04% 

I just got done voting. Maybe you’ve heard about this, maybe you haven’t, but San Diego is in shambles. It’s pretty amazing really. Last November the majority of San Diegans voted for a sorta wacky former “surfer chick” (the media cannot stop saying “surfer chick”), but a select view forgot to bubble in the little oval by the line where they wrote her name so the courts said they obviously didn’t really wanna vote for her, they just wrote her name in for fun.

Which means we got this guy named Dick Murphy to be our mayor again. Only thing exciting about this guy is his first name. Really, dead, floating goldfish are more stimulating. It took the courts a long time to decide whether or not to let Dick run San Diego. Then when they finished, Dick realized he gives the entire city narcolepsy when he speaks and resigns.

Then councilman, Michael Zucchet becomes his temporary replacement … for less than a week. Which is when another court made the obvious decision that homeboy got mad campaign donations from Las Vegas quasi-mafia for letting dirty old men touch dirty young strippers right next to my favorite greek restaurant.

atkinsNow Toni Atkins is acting mayor. People like her, but no one wants to have to look at her for an extended period of time (ok, that was mean, but it was the UT this morning that put such emphasis on the fact that she’s single). Which is why today we went to the polls.

Mine was pretty dead. It sure doesn’t feel like an election day. I think it’s cause most San Diegans (including me) don’t really give a shit any more and have no idea who these 11 people are that we’re supposed to choose among. Steve Breen’s comic below is pretty right on. The other day Sparsh and I were walking to our swim spot and he asks me who I’m gonna vote for assuming I’m up to date on this stuff. We try to make fun of the various candidates, but we’re so hopeless …

“I dunno dude, the surfer chick is really pretty out there. Do you get her Aloha Election Update emails?”
“No, I like some guy I heard on KPBS the other day.”
“Wait, is he the cop, the rich guy, or the Mexican hater?”
“Um, I don’t know.”
“Yeah well, this guy sounded pretty smart. And he has a chance – unlike the crazy environmental dude.”
“Yeah, that guy’s pretty out there too.”

Then our eloquent discussion turns to how we will vote regarding a big cross on a big hill.

“What about the cross?” Sparsh inquires.
“I couldn’t give the slightest flying shit about the cross.”
“Is that how you’re going to vote?”
“You’re going to write, ‘I don’t give the slightest flying shit’ on the ballot?”

Which is what I did.

The point is, my man Richard Louv is right. The topics that deserved discussion this campaign didn’t get any. Everything focused on the same talking points as always: leadership, pension funding, traffic, border, airport. But the part of San Diego that really needs attention – East of I-5 and South of MLK – never gets it. A good portion of San Diego doesn’t even know it exists.

I wish someone would write a post about gang life in San Diego as clear and insightful as HP’s (and the comments that follow) on gangs and race relations in L.A. I never realized until reading Louv’s column that there are Bloods at Lincoln and San Diego high even though those are two schools EAOP intensely worked with. What a lot of people call “hood” or “ghetto” culture is so hard for outsiders like me to dissect and understand, but it’s important that it happens so that politicians, media, and citizen groups will stop ignoring the problems. I hope more strong voices begin to emerge on the internet to help bridge the gap.

There are a few new city-funded, after-school computer labs in Sherman Heights and Chula Vista. Maybe I could convince HP that we should cruise down there and try and get some kids blogging. I dunno if I could convince him to help out anyone outside his family though. Especially at a place that is funded by government.

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