Tomorrow is the big race. It’s already 1 a.m. My buddies are coming over at 6 a.m. tomorrow. And I’m not anywhere close to being fit enough to finish this thing tomorrow. The only comfort at all is that neither are my friends. There are rumors of beer and asada afterwards which certainly sounds much better than the vegan food and herbal tea they’ve got going on at the finish line. I wonder if we’ll be expected to hug trees.

chinmoyThis whole race is put on by some group called the “Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team.” Usually, I’d take this time to make fun of whoever Sri Chinmoy is but last time I made fun of someone with a Sri in their name (wait, two!) the reaction got old so this time I’ll refrain.

First there was my ever present fear of sharks. Then I got stung by a jelly fish. Now, a couple friends of mine just told me they saw tons of sting rays in the water last night. Said they saw some girl come running out of the water screaming for her life. They tell me not to worry, that they only sting you if you’re about to step on them. That’s just great. Really a lot of motivation to get to the other shore where the little buggers are waiting for me.

If I manage to survive I’ll probably post again tomorrow. If I don’t, y’all’ve really been the bestest.