LaundrySeptember 20, 2003
El Jardin del Oriente
Habana Vieja, Cuba

"Absolute ideas must take relative forms if they are not to fail because of an error in form. Freedom, to be viable, has to be sincere and complete. If a republic refuses to open its arms to all, and move ahead with all, it dies."

Jose Marti- "Our America"

"Nations should live in an atmosphere of self-criticism because criticism is healthy …"

"There can be no racial animosity, because there are no races. The theorists and feeble thinkers string together and worm over the bookshelf races which the well-disposed observer and the fair minded traveler vainly seeks in the Justice of Nature where man’s universal identity springs forth from triumphant love and turbulent hunger for life. The soul, equal and eternal, emanates from bodies of various shapes and colors. Whoever foments and spreads antagonism and hate between the races, sing against humanity."

"There are affections of such fragile honesty"

– Jose Marti’s last written words

Bueno, I have much to write. Inspired by Martin, I’m listening to Yo-Yo Ma play Bach’s Cello Suites 1 and 3. That girl last night was right – something about Bach is orgasmic. I’m lucky to have met Priscilla and that last night she introduced me to her young artist friends. Unfortunately, I think I might have offended her last night. Well, either I offended her by leaving to early – with her friends – or she was simply sick of me. In fact, the night started with me unsure if visiting Priscilla was a good idea at all. After my Oreos and two Cokes – Conquistators and two Tropicolas – I found her apartment on the top floor. A three bedroom place where she lives alone.

I had woken her up from a nap – she was sleeping in her new hammock, she explained as she invited me in.

This will have to wait though … I’m ready to take off.