Thank you Eddie, EMC, Patti, Julissa, and Mariposatomica for commenting on yesterday’s post. If anyone else has anything else to say, I’d love to hear it.

Happy Sweet 16 BoogsToday is my little sister’s sweet 16th birthday. I won’t bore you with wordy, exaggerated reflection … I already subjected her to that this morning in a bday card turned novella. But I will say that I clearly remember the day when I was mildly irked at my grandmother for interrupting Doogie Howser, M.D because some rodent looking kid decided to pop into the world just as Doogie was getting ready to type out his nightly reflection on his monochrome green computer monitor.

For quite some time now, the titles to my posts have been taken from lyrics of songs I’ve been listening to. Some of them are poppy and trite, others more obscure and meaningful. If you know where they come from, let me know, it’ll bring a smile to my face. It should be easier now that you can see exactly what I’ve been spinning.

revaz and nutellaI love Flickr. I love the junior high memories from Abogado’s mom (can you spot him?). I love seeing how excited Revaz gets when he’s eating Nutella or me when I’m hangin’ with Mei and Nat. I love becoming friends with Jennifer and Shimona.

This isn’t a new idea for me … it first really sank in when I went to Cuba a couple of years ago. But the more I tink about it, the more it’s reinforced in my head: this false dichotomy we invent between “liberal and conservative” really breaks down to an emphasis between equality and progress. (let’s not get into semantic debates of defining equality and progress). It seems to me that human nature says we all look out for ourselves first. But then, once we get into a comfortable position (middle class and above; ie. just about everyone who reads this), we look at all of humanity and decide how it should develop. Somehow we’re pushed into one of two camps: social-equality/liberalism or economic-progress/conservativism. And then, from there, somehow the debate devolves into “stupid, paternalistic liberals” versus “greedy, bigoted conservatives.” I hate how I still manage to get caught up in that useless debate when we can all agree that both social equality and economic progress are worthy goals and that we should encourage policy and projects that achieve both. This is what I love about WorldChanging – they cut through the ideological bullshit and just talk about new projects and research that aim for both social and economic progress. (this very random point was inspired by Steve Forbes’ excellent tribute to Peter Drucker in today’s Wall Street Journal)

Finally. I admit, I am an internet elitist. I never frequent such prole cyber-gatherings as Friendster and certainly not MySpace. Neither one meet my most discerning Web2.0 prereqs. But just as I love Flickr, the more I’m playing around with, the more I’m becoming completely addicted to (which Gustavo‘s been sportin’ for months now, but I just picked up on a few weeks ago) It’s simple, you just install a plugin on your computer and then whatever program you use to listen to music (I use iTunes) sends your recently played song info to the website where it’s displayed for everyone to see. It does much more than that though. It also introduces you to other users that have similar musical tastes. For example, the person pictured is “Sasha.” Like me, she listens to lots of Dylan, Buena Vista Social Club, Bach, and Miles Davis. Her “about me” you ask …

..i dig the beat. i take chances. i get easily amused. i waste time. i love thai food. i am messy and im ok with it. i drink profusely. i love cigarettes and the smell of gasoline. i love to kiss complete strangers. i cant sing but i do anyway. i live life for the moment. i have a strange fascination with rod stewart. and his pants. they would look good on me.

I would like to thank for telling me about Sasha. Here are what some familiar faces have been listening to:


oso lastfm


cindylu lasfm


gustavo lastfm


(it seems HP does not listen to music)



emc lastfm

If you end up signing up for an account, make sure to add me as a friend. Left side.