Leap second? Give me a leap year. Jesus god, I’ve been slowly checking off the to-do list one by one since 8 a.m. and I’m nowhere close to half way done. Stick-it notes, text files, my ical to-do list, the 70 messages in my inbox with all those little red flags.

So what do I do. I write a blog post. Procrastination cures all.

There are three other things distracting me as I guiltily multi-task away:

1.) Music amazing music everywhere. My hope was to mail out all the CD’s this afternoon, but that’s definitely getting delayed until tomorrow. In the meantime, make sure to download all the goods at EMC’s, Prentiss Riddle’s, and leave a comment at Revaz’s begging for his fantastic year-end mix as well. I’m listening to Prentiss’ mix as I type and am lovin’ “Peel Me a Grape” by Torch. That’s some good jazz. (Title of today’s post comes from a song on Prentiss’ mix) Also, absolutely make sure to check out Fernando’s mix of Canciones Pegajosas and Atari’s badass podcast of Baile Funk.

2.) China and Microsoft As my to-do list grows, I’m getting sucked into this story. It started with Rebecca’s post. Then Scoble’s sincere response. Then his sucka response. Then Forbes. Now it’s everywhere. Censorship: it’s the one thing that brings liberal and conservative bloggers together with fists in the air.

3.) American “Ideological” Labels in Latin America Finally, a growing number of commentators are trying to get the US media to stop applying very american political labels to Latin American realities. Listen to Miguel on Radio Open Source. Also, Boz, Randy, and Jorge. I’ll look for some good links from Mexico as well. Most of AMLO’s supporters are not socialists. They’re just looking for something that works.

Off to the grocery store …