Gustavo and I have been feeling nostalgic lately. HP‘s got a case of the yesterday blues so bad he checked out Biz Markie (“oh baby, you … you got what I nee-eed. But you say he’s just a friend, you say he’s just a friend”) at a downtown club the size of my living room. Point being, as the lryic goes, “oh yeah life goes on, long after the thrill of livin’ is gone.”

As promised, here is a tribute to … well, us. It’s not supposed to be either inclusive or exclusive. A computer script could have written this post. All it does is look back over a random sampling of some of the earliest commenters on this blog (btw, if 8 people comment on this post, we’ll have reached 5,000 total comments, an achievement worth at least a cartwheel in tidy-whities if not a pitcher of margaritas) and see what they’re up to these days.

The key: 1.) name and blog link 2.) first comment on this blog 3.) most listened artists 4.) first sentence of latest post 5.) random thought.



Thanks for the visit and comment. Indeed the postdoc was at CCIS. While freelancing as an anthropologist seems appealing while sitting here facing the academic rat race, there is probably more paperwork and running around involved doing that. That and no job security either.:sad:

What were you doing at CCIS?

Your blog is pretty cool too. Hope you don’t mind that I have linked it.

Comment Posted By Xoloitzquintle On March 17th 2004 @ 06:16

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More Culture Shock As we prepare our move to the metropolis that is New York City, I am faced with some new cultural rules that I need to learn and adapt to.

Xolo and I have been able to meet up two times so far, both in San Diego. He’s almost a better bear hugger than I am. Next spot to clink bottles of Bohemia: NYC.



you ain’t got nuffn to synchronize to, mofo.:evil:

For approx. one week of nausea, diarrhea, abdominal, and physical exhaustion, we don’t have the patience to put up with your BS that we can handle the rest of the time. That doesn’t mean you are allowed to be an extra ass. now, go take laura some chamomile tea, a warm pad, and a comedy. Fukn A.

Comment Posted By elenamary On 12.05.2004 @ 07:06

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El Oso complained that the blogs have been quiting down. At least our little clique of blogs.

Elenamary came to San Diego and never said hi to me. For that reason I no longer talk to her. Not really … but supernatural forces do seem to keep us from meeting each other.


Joe Crawford

Oso, you’re all like a writer and everything. Welcome aboard San Diego Blog!

Comment Posted By Joe Crawford On July 13th 2004 @ 17:07

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I’m busy, and I’m hot. This is my lunch hour. I’m in Ojai.

Joe is also a superb bear hugger … come to think of it, this might be how I choose my blog buddies. He has done amazing things with San Diego Blog and has an exceedingly lovely wife and family.


Thivai Abhor

Oso–great post… I have been confused and angered by California’s willful ignorance of its heritage and dismissal of the Mexican sweat that continues to prop it up. I look forward to reading more from you and Laura.

This issue has caused quite a few arguments between me and some of my relatives… I just can’t get them to look beyond appearances or I’m not able to combat the simple media stereotypes or soudbite political statements… I don’t know… one thing for sure that state is changing.

Here in Lexington, Kentucky there is a big Mexican immigrant population because of the horse and farming industry, but they are invisible to the population-at-large having no power in city politics.

Comment Posted By Thivai On March 8th 2004 @ 19:59

Another Shot of the River and Cliffs Near Bend, Oregon

Thivai and I have pretty much lost touch. That happens with people you know … and even more with people you’ve never met. But still, I drop by his blog from time to time and try to catch up on some of what he’s reading. And occasionally I’m able to catch him when he’s willing to share some of his own personal reflections. Maybe we’ll never meet, but I’ll keep on relating to him so long as he keeps writing.



bush is delusional … it’s just horrid how he can not admit to one single mistake his administration has made

Comment Posted By myke On October 9th 2004 @ 17:14

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My Current Mood

Myke needs some serious taco education. Otherwise the man is a genius. I’m still waiting for HP to buy him a ticket out here so the three of us can cause trouble again.


Gustavo Rojo

what’s the purpose of U.S. influence or intervention or whatever? I am too ignorant on most middle eastern countries to know of any motivation on the part of the U.S. for an intervention other than say oil…like abogado stated…”who benefits?” yes, I know that stating “oil” as the only purpose for U.S. involvement in the middle east is oversimplification of U.S. motives but profit always plays a role in whatever military or covert action that takes place.

Comment Posted By Gustavo On March 8th 2005 @ 19:26

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There are plenty of games left in the season, against the AL East and of course with the hated ChiSox and Twinkies. It should be a good run to the finish

I’ve been reading Gustavo’s blog since his amazing series “The Cycle of Abuse” in January 2005. Since then he’s gotten his teacher’s certificate, already taught his first year of school, and now (of course) everyone’s fighting over him. It’s pretty amazing to see what everyone is doing with their talents.


César Diaz

My girlfriend asked me last night, “Why is he ‘El Oso.'”? And I thought, gringo dude (I mean it in a nice way 😉 ) and that name–“I got it, sweetheart, he pegs himself this because he likes Soul Coughing.”

“M.Doughty?” She asks.

“Yep, yep, fer sure,” I said.

Pero pues no. Now I know y como dice el G.I. Jose “knowing is half el battle.” I dig the site. Keep it real. 🙂

Comment Posted By El Mas Chingón On 21.04.2005 @ 15:04

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If you were me as a child, you’d spent your time sitting at a pew reading Revelations, the only book in the bible that I knew well.

César and Rachelle will be a married couple in a matter of weeks!!!!!!!



sorry i’m not a rock star from so far off exotic place, but i did want to comment. i’m going to michoacán on my trip to méxico, got any suggestions on what to see or do there? thanks.

Comment Posted By cindylu On 03.08.2004 @ 22:32

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Last night, I tried to tell _____ that we need to spend more time together.

Cindylu mumbles. One day I’m going to hug her grandpa.


Chris Nelson

I don’t like Bush in power because almost everything he does (anti-environment, high deficit, pre-emptive war, wealth divide, etc) goes against what I believe. Are my views my new religion? I think that argument could be made. But my most spiritual moments have been little things in life, completely unrelated to my views. Listening to an old man hum on the trolley – it was a beautiful moment. That for me is spiritual. Arguing about fuel efficiency or some crap is just draining work that I sometimes wish I didn’t feel strongly about.

Comment Posted By ChrisN On 28.09.2004 @ 10:51

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Unsatisfied with a dearth of town & area maps for the Bahia de los Angeles, I’ve made my own.

Chris – and his lovely wife Anna – are great people to eat fish tacos with. In fact, I’m pretty sure they’re great people to do anything with.


Jennifer Woodward Maderazo

Damn you always make that face. WTF?

Comment Posted By Jennifer Woodard Maderazo On 28.10.2005 @ 16:18

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In Arizona, a state that’s home to more than one million Latinos, a firestorm is brewing over the placement of a billboard off of Tucson’s Interstate 10 which proclaims: “Stop the Invasion, Secure Our Borders”.

Jennifer thinks she knows her way around Barcelona. Don’t be fooled. Especially when it’s 8 degrees out.



I think you’re breaking the urinal etiquette.

Comment Posted By rolandog On 04.03.2005 @ 22:45

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It took me a while to finally conclude my previous project (Dynamic Element Creation), or at least… have another go at it..

Both times I met Rolando were at Monterrey blogger meetups. I don’t know why this is. I don’t know why we didn’t hang out more together south of the border. Luckily, we’re young, life’s long, and paths cross.


OK, I’m bored. Plus it’s like a billion and two fucking degrees right now. For real. Midnight and a billion and two fucking degrees!

It seems like this could go on forever … and that’s the really interesting reflection. I had no idea that so many of the people I call my friends today, I met through this blog. Sorta strange really.

If you want to look back over the comments you’ve left on this blog, go here and click on your name.

Well … enough nostalgia, it’s time to move on, grow up, suck it up, throw it up, etc. I hope everyone’s staying cool. West side.