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First, the world: in South Yorkshire a man blew up a highway speeding detector.

Using thermite, a pyrotechnic substance often used in underwater welding, Mr. Moore succeeded in wrecking the camera, but its hard drive survived – along with videotape of his van driving toward it and then driving away, as the picture disolved in a cloud of fiery sparks. He was sentenced to four months in jail.

That’s my kind of man. What an unlucky break. When I’m in my 60’s I’m definitely going to start blowing things up. Hopefully that’s finally got the Homeland Security Department reading this blog. Welcome friends.

In Brussels people stopped traffic to protest the candidature of Congolese incumbent Joseph Kabila. His opponent in this Sunday’s runoff election is Jean-Pierre Bemba who, beyond having a sophisticated porn star name, has been accused of war crimes. The Democratic Republic of Congo is different from the Republic of Congo and is no longer Zaire. It’s tough to keep these things straight.

“Bemba” reminds me of “Bim,” a 1970’s flick from Trinidad and Tobago that I saw in the public library with homies Georgia and Nicholas. Later that night we were served delicious Indian food by a Venezuelan woman wearing a sari and speaking perfect English. Nicholas declared that it was time for a Bim remake and by the end of my last bite of sweet naan, a script had been written and the cast was … ummm, cast. So … you know … keep your eyes out.

Good news for sentimental rapists and practitioners of incest in Nicaragua; bad news for pregnant moms facing death. Just two weeks before some seriously crazy presidential elections, a total ban on abortion was passed 52 to 0 in Nicaragua’s parliamentary. Nicaragua now joins El Salvador and Chile as Latin American countries that value fetuses over living beings.

HP, dance sister, dance.

Lastly, I never realized how achingly beautiful Wilco’s “A Shot in the Arm” is until I heard Jeff Tweedy sing it solo and acoustic in Eugene.

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