August 31 is a special day in the blogosphere. Not only is it Cindylu‘s birthday (hence her awesome 31 collection), but it is also International Blog Day. (The idea is that 3108 – 31st of August – sort of looks like “BloG”)

So, for Cindylu’s birthday, I present you with her patented cara de fuchi:


And for Blog Day, I present you with five bloggers from Phnom Penh:

sokheap.jpgSopheap blogs at ifocus with the tagline “three dimensions of life.” She is the Advocacy and Public Relation Officer for the Cambodian Center for Human Rights and her passion for human rights comes across in her blog. As soon as you meet her you’re overwhelmed by both her kindness and her ambition. Preetam says she’ll be Cambodian Prime Minister within 10 years.

pagna.jpgPagna was the MC of the Clogger Summit. She did a really great job summarizing each session and finding threads between the various topics to give a sense of cohesiveness to the conference. Her blog, At a GlAnCe is much less serious … and it’s a lot of fun to read. She is a fan of Jane Eyre, comments on regional politics, and, like many young Cambodians, is active in promoting change in her country. Her birthday is coming up in a couple weeks and rumor has it that the gift she really wants is that one special guy.

virak.jpgVirak writes at KhmerAK* | a Phnom Penh Geek. As you can probably tell from the beautiful design of his blog, he’s a web designer “focused on clean, beautiful and standard-based development.” He was also the main organizer of the Clogger Summit. According to his About Page, “When he’s not haunted over a computer, Virak enjoys sporting, outdoor, music, movie, television and a good night out on the town or if none of those you probably found him at the coffee shop.” He also has a great Flickr page and, as of yesterday, he is now Cambodia’s first video blogger.

lux.jpgLux, who writes at CAMBODIA BLOG, hardly needs an introduction for anyone with even the smallest knowledge of the Cambodian blogosphere. Long ago Tharum posted an article to Global Voices describing all the work Lux has done to spread blogging throughout Cambodia. Beth also interviewed Lux a couple years ago. Even Wired Magazine has written an article about him. A lesser known fact about Lux is that he is an avid Republican. In fact, it was thanks to Lux that the International Republican Institute was one of the main funders of the Clogger Summit.

tharum.jpgTharum Bun is another familiar name for anyone aware of the Cambodian blogosphere. In fact, he should be somewhat familiar to readers of this blog as well. Tharum is really the epitome of a great guy and a great friend. I first met him in London two years ago and then we got to hang out in Delhi last December. I hope that over the next decades we keep meeting up at least once a year. He blogs at, posts photos on Flickr, and always writes impressive articles on Global Voices.