Greetings from Kampala. I’m feeling a little internet overwhelmed these days with a bulging-at-the-seams inbox, an underwhelming outbox, a to-do list longer (and less comprehensible) than the Bahagavad Gita, and a travel/speaking itinerary that would make me look like someone important if only I were.

So here I am at Cafe PAP thanks to the excellent recommendations of Josh and, as always, I find myself pleading for more hours in the day. Who knows, maybe if I rip out my eyelids and blow them off my fingertips one by one someone magical and benevolent will grant me that extra 25th hour. For now I hope that this meaningless little ramble will kickstart regular blogging again. I hope to tackle and make sense of the mess I’ve created of the Rising Voices website (despite Jeremy‘s continuing come-to-the-rescue help). I hope to have an empty email by this weekend. I hope to upload the backlog of dozens and dozens of still-to-be-edited photos. And I hope to one day soon practice what I preach; that is, catch up on my favorite blogs and with my favorite bloggers – take part in meaningful conversations, and turn those conversations into some sort of creative change.

Full steam ahead.

P.S. I still have yet to see the BodaPhone, but I’ve got my eyes open.