One of the main reasons I’m down here in Medellin, Colombia is to shoot a short documentary about the work being done by HiperBarrio, one of the five current outreach projects of Rising Voices. Video editing is a new thing for me and I’ve come to learn that the most time-consuming aspect of it is simply looking through all the footage, tagging it, and adding notes about what clips can be used and where.

The entire documentary will be no longer than 10 – 15 minutes. But I bet that I’ll probably record more than five hours of footage while I’m down here. So, every few days I’ll try to throw up some clips. Hopefully they’ll help generate some interest in the eventual finished product and HiperBarrio itself.

This clip was taken on Wednesday afternoon while Álvaro and I were sharing a taxi from the San Javier metro station to La Loma. Álvaro is one of the three directors of HiperBarrio (Juliana and Jorge are the other two.) He is a professor of social communication at the University of Bergen in Norway, but spends most of his online time focusing on new media and communication in Colombia and Latin America, where he was born, raised, and has lived almost his entire life.

Toward the end of the clip you see one of the HiperBarrio participants, Catalina Restrepo, taking photographs of a Tango performance that was being held in La Loma’s small town square.