ConVerGentes, the San Javier La Loma-based group of young journalists who form part of HiperBarrio, have started a podcast. (Subscribe with iTunes.)


Their first episode, in Spanish, features the following topics:

1.) Introduction to ConVerGentes and HiperBarrio by Diego Ospina.
2.) The names and blog URLs of all of the podcasters.
3.) Project leader Gabriel Montoya gives an introduction to Campus Party, in which many of the ConVerGentes citizen journalists will be participating.
4.) What are the differences between Bogotá and Medellín?
5.) Deneiber introduces Ay Amor, Cuando Hablad las Miradas by Guayacán.
6.) What are the differences between La Loma and the rest of Medellín?
7.) Eliana introduces Crimen by Gustavo Cerati.
8.) What is Medellín’s MetroCable system?
9.) Catalina introduces Heart of Stone by the Rolling Stones.
10.) San Andres introduces Primer Día by Julieta Venegas.
11.) Luisa Fernanda Alvarez introduces Autosuficiencia by Parálisis Permanente.
12.) What is the meaning of ‘Ave Maria’?
13.) Catalina concludes the first podcast.