Today, sitting on a park bench, digging into my first bite of chicken gyro, half a tomato still hanging from my mouth, I began to grin. And then laugh, first on the inside, and then noticeably so. Very noticeable. The laugh turned into a guffaw, turned into hooting, howling, knee-slapping, tee-heeing, can’t-hold-it-in cracking up. Right there on a park bench, for all of Budapest to walk by, to shake their heads in sympathy at the schizophrenic American youth.

All because I remembered a comment seen on a picture of one of my flickr buddies. So, here is the photo:


And here is the comment:

OMG…is that Rosie O’Donnell buttsexing that young girl in the front row??!?!!?

If that makes anyone else laugh out loud, please let me know. I won’t feel like such a weirdo.

Update: Context here.

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