People resort to pathetic tactics to attract members of the opposite sex. Look what was witnessed not long ago in Italy:

Can you believe it? All that care – the dog food, the pooper-scooper-upper, the chewed-up shoes – just to initiate a little public flirtation.

What is most absurd about all of this? That it can be accomplished far more effectively and easily with a simple laptop case. That’s right – you carry around your MacBook in this handmade Bolivian computer sleeve and it’s like you were all of a sudden featured on the cover of People Magazine. Fo real. Wherever I take my computer sleeve, endless attention follows. (“I’m sorry for staring, but that is just the coolest laptops case I’ve ever seen, where can I get one?”)

vb-sleeves 1.jpg

Here’s the thing, they can’t. Unless, of course, they travel to Bolivia. But (shhhhh!), you can. Not only that, but you’ll be supporting a great cause. For the next two weeks only, Eddie of the Voces Bolivianas project will be selling these laptop cases to raise money for scholarships to a bloggers’ conference they are organizing at the end of August. Voces Bolivianas is a citizen media outreach project that trains new bloggers that come from communities in Bolivia that typically don’t have any online representation. It is a project that is very close to my heart and, though I’ve never been to Bolivia myself, I feel like I have thanks to the blogs of Cristina, Jessica, Mario, Hugo, Dora, and all of the posts published on the Voces Bolivianas blog.

You can read some of the latest news about the Voces Bolivianas project in a post recently published by Rezwan. It is also lots of fun to look through their page of Flickr pictures.

To purchase your Bolivian laptop case for just $25 including shipping (and to quadruple the attention and affection from the opposite sex), head over to the Voces Bolivianas website. You can pay with PayPal and 100% of proceeds goes towards Voces Bolivianas activities.

Update: The Saudis have it right. This flagrant abuse of animal domesticity must stop.