“Look at them. We’re trying to save the world and they’re still arguing about technology.” It’s the kind of statement you hear routinely at wi-fi enabled hipster coffee houses in San Francisco and Brooklyn, but here we are in New Delhi, at one of the hundreds of Cafe Coffee Days, a Starbucks-like chain that over the past 10 years has expanded exponentially all across the country. Just like India’s middle class.

I am here with Amit, Ajay, Ashish, and Abhishkek, four of Delhi’s most ambitious bloggers. In fact, Ajay has even managed to make a career out of it with his popular travel and technology blogs in addition to his personal blog full of do-gooding optimism. He’s the kind of guy that mothers want their daughters to marry: tall, good looking, and mild mannered. Ajay is also one of the leading forces of the Indian Bloggers and New Media Association, which has organized over 350 bloggers in Delhi alone and now hopes to evangelize many more by hosting blogcamps which teach the basics to newcomers, and more advanced skills to those who already feel comfortable blogging. Here is a video I recorded of part of our conversation at Cafe Coffee Day. Once again, sorry about the low lighting and background noise.

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The South African bloggers study I refer to is here.