Georgia and I are compiling a list of our favorite words, phrases, and concepts as we travel around and meet more of our Global Voices colleagues. Among our favorites are “take my salam” which leads every email written by Taslima and “are you in integrity?”, which is Kevin’s much kinder and more philosophical way of asking, ‘are you bullshitting me?”

One of the things I will miss most about Bangladesh isn’t quite a phrase, but rather a gesture. Here after two men shake hands, they briefly and sincerely cover their heart with their hand. It doesn’t feel cheesy at all like some old white-dude Buddhist monk trying to gauge your chakras. It is brief, it is subtle, and it is a very intimate way of connecting with someone when you are greeting or saying goodbye. I just might try to spread it around.

We’ll see what interesting phrases and greetings Georgia and I are able to dig up in Madagascar next month. Judging from the country’s rich culture, we should have plenty of fodder.