Because my timezone is ahead of your timezone, I get to wish Cindylu a very happy birthday before you do. Suckas! I know I talk about a lot of blog homies around here, but Cindylu is my OG blog homie. Serious.

Here we are just a couple hours before I threw up all over her car. (I don’t remember exactly what happened, but in hindsight, I’m pretty sure chicken sandwiches were involved.)


If you, like so many, have been a secret admirer of Cindylu’s blog for a long time, but have never said what’s up in real life (the place away from the computer), then you’re in luck: party at Cindylu’s! And if you think Cindylu only wears crazy hats for birthday invitations, think again:

DSC_1111 1.jpg

I have personal experience of crashing parties at Cindylu’s family’s house and I highly recommend that everyone try it at least once. In conclusion:

DSC_1104 1.jpg