Sign of my life: the friend I’ve seen the most over the past few months does’t even live in my country. Georgia and I have been seen liming lately in Miami, Jamaica, Hungary, Austria, and now here in Madagascar.

For the past couple days we’ve been doing some outreach work in Antananarivo and Toamasina:

You can hear the final two-minute podcast they produced on Patrick’s excellent blog.

Last night at 3 a.m., after a nine hour winding taxi brousse journey, a blown out tire, two nearly adopted Malagasy 12-year-olds, and one very numb oso buttocks, we arrived back in Tana. Somehow I was able to persuade Georgia (Zowzah, as her nearly adopted child, Patricia called her) to not smuggle the creature below back to Trickidad. Delphine would not have been pleased – she can be one possessive bitch.


Tomorrow Georgia takes off, headed to New York and then back to Port of Spain. For the first time all year we have no idea when we will see each other next. Surprisingly, that is ok with me. With all this global poppletrotting, one thing we haven’t been able to do is just be our normal online silly selves. Isn’t that strange? Here we are, just one hotel floor apart and what I’m actually ‘missing’ is having us each somewhat stationary in our own corners of the world and sending back and forth nonsense like this: