Today is one of those days: typing as furiously as possible to get through what Things tells me to.

But, then a ray of sun poked out, shining through the orange-tinged chlorophyll of the maple tree right outside my window. A glistening reflection off of a wee spider’s recent creation. Maybe the same spider that I lovingly flicked outside two nights ago while my sister screeched, ‘don’t kill it, don’t kill it.’

And iTunes, with its genius mind of its own, decided to put on DNTEL’s Rock My Boat featuring Mia Doi Todd. Everything came together for three minutes: the sun’s skirt-raising flirtation, Mia Doi Todd’s sensuous voice, the wonders of nature and her patterns. So here, in the spirit of honoring cottage spider webs, is my homage to those three minutes.


Walking Into Spider Webs