I am interested in the capacity of citizen media to capitalize our best intentions by creating a community of good will among individuals who would otherwise likely never meet.

Marinade on this: a Trinidadian, Puerto Rican living in NYC, Argentinian living in Canada, Malagasy living in Indiana, German living in The Hague, Brazilian living in London, and two Bostonians all pitched in to buy a front door for a once homeless man living in a small community on the outskirts of Medellín, Community. All because they felt some sort of connection on this weird, wondrous, world wide web.

Catalina Restrepo, one of the group’s most active bloggers, has written an entry on the ConVerGentes group blog updating readers about their campaign to provide proper housing for Manuel Pizarro, also known as Suso. Thanks to the donations of Sofia Gallisa, Romina Oliverio, Nicholas Laughlin, Catherine Bracy, Lova Rakotomalala, Jillian York, Ben Paarmann, and Paula Goés, the members of HiperBarrio were able to purchase a front door for Suso’s new house as well as relieve some of their debt from previous purchase of building supplies.

Full post here.

In other news, a South African father stole his daughter’s cell phone to use the mobile social networking service MXit to have sex with her friends.

You win some, you lose some.

Update: From Catalina, photos of Suso’s new pad:

suso house