I’m still playing catch up. The right words just aren’t coming to my head. I was, however, able to put up the second part of my “New Era of Media Development” series over at Idea Lab. I especially liked Ivan’s comment about ‘quality’ as a coded word. Reminded me of my homeboy Pierre Bourdieu. Also reminded me of my yet-to-be-published addendum to my presentation on digital craftsmanship. Who knows when and if I’ll get around to publishing that, but Jose was kind enough to invite me to give a similar presentation next month at Cultura Digital in Sao Paulo so hopefully I’ll get it right. It’s also a nice excuse to see some old friends there and meet some longtime comrades like Tatiana and Ricardo who I have yet to meet in person. Anyway an excerpt from Idea Lab:

It is a telling sign that Wikipedia has no entry on media development. Rather, the search results suggest that perhaps you are looking for “ICT for development“. Indeed, what is the future of media development when we’re still unsure about the future of media in general? And, for that matter, where should funders invest their money to ensure that the same social benefits associated with traditional media (a sense of community, good governance, an informed citizenry) remain while journalism increasingly moves beyond broadcast, and beyond financial sustainability.