Here’s my latest Global Voices celebrity profile – this time Elena Ignatova who covers Macedonia on Global Voices, is in charge of Global Voices in Macedonian, and works for the Metamorphosis Foundation, which seeks to seeks to enhance the use of information in Macedonian government and society. Among the posts we mention in the interview are: Macedonia: Use Facebook If You Want to Flirt With Politicians, The Balkans: “Whose Is This Song?”, and Macedonia: Student Protest Ends in Violence.

I’m about to get three hours of sleep and then start a ridiculously long journey to Sao Paulo for Cultura Digital where I’m looking forward to seeing Jose, Ronaldo, Diego, and others. Video profiles of Filip and Diego are forthcoming.

I could really use some help though. I have posted this video of Elena to dotSUB where I always like to add a transcription (so that the Lingua teams can translate it into other languages). But I won’t have time to start this transcription for a few more days at least. So if any kind soul is willing to help me out, all you have to do is register for an account and then start transcribing. Thanks!