It’s probably not what they’re looking for, but whenever anyone tells me that they are headed to Santorini, my one and only recommendation is that they head to Lucky’s for the world’s best souvlaki. Call it what you will – souvlaki, shawarma, kebab, gyro, döner – it is the Mediterranean version of the burrito which has had tremendous success in its culinary colonization of Western and Northern Europe. And nobody does it better than Lucky. So it warms my heart to see a comment from one “jammin83” on Serious Eats which confirms that Lucky is still alive and well.

Every time I’m in Europe I have fantasies of returning to California to start up a kebab shop …

… whoa, whoa, whoa, I just did some looking around, and sunuvabitch, some local San Diegan stole my idea and put up a “European style” kebab shop on 9th avenue – hipster haven – in downtown San Diego. Well, good for him. But an authentic kebab shop is more than just perfectly spiced lamb and chicken. It’s also the atmosphere, the staff flirting with the girls, the calling out to all the passerby, the constant joking around. So I made a quick little video to try and get a bit of the atmosphere:

Actually, I made the video because for the past three days Bektour and I have been leading a training workshop here in Istanbul to show journalists and media trainers from around Eurasia how to use digital media. We had them each produce at least one short video using FlipShare or Windows Movie Maker, and I figured it was only fair if I made a quick video as well. You can look at the movies they ended up producing – in English and in Russian – at the Eurasian Stories website.

One of the things I stress about digital storytelling is that a good script and a strong start are always more important than having fancy equipment and powerful editing software. On the other hand, when you want to create real high quality work there is no use denying that a quality camera can make a big difference. I’ve been shooting photos with the same old 2004 Nikon D70 for years now. And video I’ve been doing with an old Sanyo Xacti HD1. Both have done the job for me over the years, but it’s time for an upgrade. For the past couple months I’ve been wavering between the Canon 5D Mark II, the new 7D, or the Nikon D300S. It is a big investment, but I’ve finally decided on the 5D Mark II.

For an example of what it is capable of, I just saw this Post Secret video (via Zadi) which was made with a Mark II:

I’m excited to get my hands on one.