My Infinity Place

When I visit my infinity place I will recall a quote by Benjamin Franklin: “Life’s tragedy is that we get old too soon and wise too late.”

What If We Valued Civil Society Enough to Pay For It?

Imagine a civil society organization that did more than publish policy briefs and organize conferences. What if this hypothetical organization of passionate, authentic employees were able to mobilize millions of people when our liberties were at risk, or when there...
Who I Am, Who You See, Who I Could Be

Who I Am, Who You See, Who I Could Be

Over the past two years, I’ve read up on all of these different personality frameworks to come to a better understanding of myself, how I differ from others, and how they are likely to perceive me. The most helpful framework is the one surrounded by the most psuedo-scientific, mystical woo-woo: the Enneagram.