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I’ve been writing here for over a decade now. In hindsight, only a handful of those posts are still worth reading.


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Bicycle Diaries Part 1: Esprit de Corps

A group of cyclists riding together is called a peloton, from the French word for platoon. And that’s how it feels, like a platoon of soldiers or a pack of wolves spreading out in search of something. Our bikes are within inches of each other, sometimes mere centimeters, as we travel 25mph down a country backroad.

[Review] How to Change Your Mind

How to Change Your Mind is as much about mindfulness and changing the mental habits that become so ingrained in adulthood as it is about psychedelics.

Growing Up With Dave Eggers

As he travels around the country, Eggers must see a country with total freedom, but lacking in direction and meaning. How do we create meaning for ourselves in a world that presents us with few challenges and offers us few opportunities?


The world is big. The world is small.

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