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I’ve been writing here for over a decade now. In hindsight, only a handful of those posts are still worth reading.


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The Joys and Sorrows of a Small Identity

The Joys and Sorrows of a Small Identity

This past week I've been riding my bicycle down from Seattle, along the Oregon Coast, and inland to Klamath Falls where I'll catch the overnight train to Jack London Square in Oakland, named after one of my favorite fellow wanderers.On day one, I took a ferry from...

My Infinity Place

When I visit my infinity place I will recall a quote by Benjamin Franklin: “Life’s tragedy is that we get old too soon and wise too late.”

Here’s To Anxious Non-Conformity

Here’s To Anxious Non-Conformity

Throughout my 20s I was an outsider, a nomad, a wanderer of the network and rebel against the institutions. I was more inspired by what made me angry than what I could do to make a difference. I had ideas for how the media should change, how philanthropy should...

[Review] Triumph of the City

[Review] Triumph of the City

One of those books that I read mostly in order to recommend it to others. I'm already part of the urbanist converted, and Glaeser is preaching to the choir. For those of you who are comfortably content in the suburbs, or wary of the chaotic hustle and bustle of dense,...