When I first started this blog, I didn’t quite know what I was getting into. I figured every third week or so I had a bright enough thought while sitting on the toilet and maybe this would be a way for me to put out those defecated gems of wisdom for anyone who might stumble upon the site.

I had grand visions of young men and women, old tribal elders, and bored rock stars from around the world all sitting in front of their respective monitors and reading what I had to say about today’s New York Times Op-Ed or last night’s show at the Casbah. Didn’t quite pan out though. Instead I had to subtly inflict guilt on all of my friends so I knew at least two or three people were pretending to read what the hell I wrote.

But half a year down the road (by now my friends have long since felt absolved of any obligation to read this) and what do you know; people from around the world really are starting to drop by and say hello. Last night I got an enigmatic poem/comment from someone in Amsterdam. Last week a guy in Kansas City asked me about a picture I took while in Michoacan last year. And then today a guy from LA who also went to UCSD drops a comment about the Ali G interview … so I check out his website and it turns out he’s a musician. I listen to a few of his mp3’s and then I came across one of the best songs I’ve heard all year entitled All White People Look Alike. Here’s a sample of the song.. This is all I ever wanted from the blog and I hope more strangers keep swinging by and saying what’s up.

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