I’d like to welcome our Republican guest blogger HispanicPundit from hispanicpundit.com.

I will let him introduce himself and how he came to his political views, but I want to explain how I first came across his blog. I believe I found this post via Latino Pundit and here was a question I often asked myself: How come Latino voters aren’t more conservative?

I’ll stay away from that discussion for now, but I left a comment on HispanicPundit’s blog which then turned into a short-lived email correspondence about conservativism and liberalism in general. It was an email correspondence I wanted to keep going, but I just didn’t have the time. I’m glad we waited because I think this is going to be a much better place to let that conversation happen.

I will let HispanicPundit introduce himself and delve into whatever issue he wishes to start discussing. He’s a very friendly, thoughtful guy and I hope that you treat him with respect and also challenge his political opinion.

Welcome aboard HP.

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