My infinity place is where I put all the dozens of photos I take with my phone every day but never look at.

My infinity place is the app where I save so many essays and articles that I never read.

My infinity place is the digital journal where I save a few thoughts every day but rarely revisit.

My infinity place is the list of books I would like to read one day.

I haven’t been to my infinity place. One day when I am a retired, old man the gates will open. I will be more motivated by insight than expanding the range of my experiences. I will finally start to read the tens of thousands of essays I saved throughout my lifetime. I will look back with wistfulness at the old journal entries and the more than 200,000 photographs I took with my phone. I will do my best to understand why these were the things I wanted to capture and send into the future. While sitting in a beach chair on white sand breathing in the salty ocean air, I will finally get to all those books to understand how the world changed during my lifetime. How we all changed.

When I visit my infinity place I will recall a quote by Benjamin Franklin: “Life’s tragedy is that we get old too soon and wise too late.” I will want to share some of this wisdom with my children and grandchildren, but they will be to busy living, thirsty for experience more than reflection. I will think: I wish I spent ten years of my retirement in my 40s and worked ten years longer into my later years.

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