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I’ve been writing here for over a decade now. In hindsight, only a handful of those posts are still worth reading.



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Who I Am, Who You See, Who I Could Be

Over the past two years, I’ve read up on all of these different personality frameworks to come to a better understanding of myself, how I differ from others, and how they are likely to perceive me. The most helpful framework is the one surrounded by the most psuedo-scientific, mystical woo-woo: the Enneagram.

OpenGov Conversations: Alix Dunn & Julia Keseru of the Engine Room

The Hewlett Foundation has funded the Engine Room since 2014 for its Matchbox program, which provides partner organizations with support to use data and technology strategically and responsibly in pursuit of their goals. In this second OpenGov Conversation, I speak with the Engine Room’s co-founder, Alix Dunn, and Matchbox program director Julia Keseru.

OpenGov Conversations: Mark Cridge, CEO of mySociety

So much of civic technology, and indeed technology solutions in general, is built on faith rather than proof. As the sector has matured, expectations for success and pressure to deliver results has rightly become more intense.

[Review] Saving Capitalism

Anyone hoping for a reversal of the spiral of inequality has to answer two questions. First, what policies do you think would do the trick? Second, how would you get the political power to make those policies happen?


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