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I’ve been writing here for over a decade now. In hindsight, only a handful of those posts are still worth reading.


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Love is Hard

Eventually we discover that compatibility is not a precondition of love. It is the achievement of love.

Conversations are Hard

Some conversations are boring; some people come off as boring. In fact, no one is boring, they just haven’t been edited properly.

Life is Hard

We’re not getting any better at dealing with these problems; we may be getting worse. At their root, we fail to recognize our fragility and vulnerability. Technology makes our lives easier, but it won’t make us happier until we develop our emotional intelligence, including kindness.

A Modest Proposal to Un-Divide Our Country

How we use the Internet — and for what — has changed dramatically over the past ten years. The same forces that are empowering groups that feel repressed — #BlackLivesMatter, #MeToo, and, yes, #WhiteLivesMatter too — are challenging our ability to relate to one another across identity-based and ideological divides. Here’s what I’d do to change that if you were to give me $50 million.

The Joys and Sorrows of a Small Identity

This past week I've been riding my bicycle down from Seattle, along the Oregon Coast, and inland to Klamath Falls where I'll catch the overnight train to Jack London Square in Oakland, named after one of my favorite fellow wanderers.On day one, I took a ferry from...


The world is big. The world is small.

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