Note: This post is the second in a series and continued from this one.

Star Parker, the president of CURE, recently wrote an Op-Ed piece entitled The Credibility of Black Conservitivism which acknowledges the mistake of popular Black conservative, “Armstrong Williams‘ poor judgment in not revealing being compensated by the Department of Education to promote No Child Left Behind,” but then goes on to ask where the movement should go from here. She says:

In their view, liberalism is coded into black DNA. It is a genetic impossibility for a black to actually believe that government should be limited and that every person, regardless of circumstance, must take personal responsibility for his or her own life. A black espousing such views, according to liberal thinking, commits an act against nature and betrays heritage and family. The only possible explanation for any black talking like a conservative is that the person is being paid to do it.

What is worse, to continue with this line of thinking, only whites can really be conservatives. So, black conservatives outrage black liberals not just because they are supposedly sellouts, but also because they are selling out to whites.

The support for school choice is as strong in the black community as in the white community. As the national dialogue on Social Security reform proceeds, I am confident that increasing numbers of blacks will get the simple message that personal ownership rather than taxes and government will build black wealth and autonomy.

I am far more concerned with the ongoing destruction that occurs every day in the black community that directly reflects the [liberal] politicization of African-American life that has been going on for the last 50 years.

Other popular minority conservative pundits like Ruben Navarrette, Linda Chavez, Armstrong Williams, Marcela Sanchez (moderate), and Thomas Sowell are constantly hammering at the same points.

They want:

  • Minorities to own their own houses and not rely on government subsidized housing programs written up by mostly White democrats in D.C.
  • School vouchers so that inner city minorities (who can afford it and/or are able to secure loans) can send their children to better, private schools
  • A culture of personal responsibility instead of the “New Deal notion” that a government is responsible for its people
  • Privatized social security which will give minorities the power to choose where they will invest their retirement savings instead of depending on the federal government to do so for them

Minority conservatives are tired of seeing wealthy, White liberals come into the inner city, tell them it’s not their fault, talk excitedly about some new progressive program they just came up with to save all the brown people, snap a few pictures and drive back to their gated communities. Their message, is let’s do this on our own, let’s stop blaming others, get off our asses, and be responsible for our own lives.