Who killed the Injuns?! We killed the Injuns!!! Maybe next war they’ll find a non-cheerleader to M.C.

I’ve noticed a strange pattern emerging: when I talk to white people I’ve begun calling them “boo,” saying things like “word up” and excusing myself with such farewells as “west side forever … represent.” When I talk to people of color I over-emphasize, “yeah brah,” “for sure dude,” and “yeah man, totally.” I don’t know what it all means, but I’m pretty sure it needs to stop.

Speaking of strange salutations, I think I scared Chris the other day when, approaching on my bike, I belted out the call of choice in my circle of crazies. It goes something like “Cukooooooooooo!” I’m pretty sure Elijah’s responsible for its incarnation, but there is no doubt, Willie has perfected it. Anyway, it’s soothing to know that 30 years down the road I could be amongst a crowd of thousands and I would instantly recognize a well-performed cukooooooooooo as transmitted from one of my dear compadres.

Whilst I write this my sister is pacing in her room. She is saying things like, “well, now it’s not even worth it.” She is applying eye make up and blush. She wants to know why guys lag so much. She is waiting for her “boyfriend” (god knows what the kids call each other these days) and she is pretending not to care. Women … such a strange specimen … to think they get so hot and bothered about things like … guys.

So I was listening to the podcast of Morning Becomes Eclectic the other day at the gym (catchin’ up with Dr. Cereal), and wutta ya know, Clap Your Hands and Say Yeah are the guests. Now is it just me or are these guys getting huge? And you’re thinking what I’m thinking right? I’m the one responsible for their fame right? Get mentioned on this here blog and you’re a guaranteed success. Anyway, they start playing a live set and for the first couple songs I’m thinkin’ wow, these guys have an amazing producer. Granted, it was in the morning after a late night show and before another, but those first couple songs bring blood to the ears. But, patience, patience, somewhere in the middle of the third song they find their footing and the ear blood turns into one of those really satisfying nuggets of wax you’ve been digging at all day until it finally rolls out and everything sounds like angels descended. What can I say, I like them. And I still haven’t a damn clue what the hell they’re singing about. My boy Revaz says Elefant was the feel good album of 2004 … Clap Your Hands and Say Yeah definitely has my vote so far for this year.

West side forever … represent.