Market Efficiency and the Gas Tax

Gas prices seem to be a big issue in the USofA these days. Of course, gas prices in Europe and elsewhere have been far higher than in the US for decades — and they only get a litre! In spite of this, many pundits are speculating that the price we pay for gas...

Pitching Outside the Strike Zone, Part III

The last time I read El Norte, I suppose I was somewhat suprised to skim over a graph that listed Mexico as the 10th wealthiest nation in the world; well ahead of most European countries. But not that surprised. The problem is, we’re accustomed to measuring wealth by metrics like minimum wage ($4 a day in Mexico, $7 an hour in California) and property value., But, if you were to measure something like purchase of $40,000+ cars per capita, I bet you’d be surprised. In fact, per capita, I’d be willing to bet that Mexico would “win out.”

427 Toothbrushes

427 Toothbrushes

I don’t expect you to read this entire post, but I do have a favor to ask. Will you – all of you – please leave a comment with the link to what you think is the best post you have written so far? Thx. I was reading an article in MIT’s...